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get the RVL-CNT-01-TR wii remote plus working


I just recently bought a black Wii Remote Plus with MotionPlus built in so I could play my Skyward Sword copy on my Dolphin emulator, only to find out to my dismay that its model, the RVL-CNT-01-TR (to my knowledge the most commonly sold in the US) doesn’t work with Dolphin out of the box. Thankfully a bunch of other helpful people have looked into the issue, but I haven’t had luck just following one guide, so I decided I’d post here on how. If you can buy one of the golden controllers with Wii MotionPlus built in, save yourself a bunch of time and get one of those.

I’m using a Lenovo Ideapad Y580 and Windows 7 x64, but this guide should work for most Windows systems. During this process I‘d everything, but just to be safe you can scan too.

In simple steps: (TL;DR)

1) Connect your bluetooth adapter and get it working (laptop users should have this working already)
2) Go here and download wiipair. You will need to put this in C:\Windows\system32 or if that doesn’t work, in the same directory as wiipair.exe
3) Run wiipair.exe while putting your Wiimote in discovery mode. Wiipair will find your wiimote and pair it with your PC. Close wiipair.exe after done.
4) Install the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack driver from the first tutorial.
5) When the installer pops up a new window, which popups a dialog asking you to Please plug in your bluetooth adapter, follow these instructions to get your hardware’s bluetooth adapter recognized. Press okay after editing and wait for the install to finish.
6) Get the newest Dolphin and unzip. Then, add and rewrite with Xoppa Dolphin Emulator from here.
7) Open Toshiba Stack’s “Bluetooth Settings”. Follow the instructions from the last tutorial to get your wiimote connected to Dolphin. This video might also work.

Below is my detailed experience + walkthrough of the install. You may want to just read TLDR simple steps first.

Starting with this guide, follow the instructions up to step 4: This has two caveats:

1) If you’re like me, despite having tons of different Microsoft VC++ Redistributables installed on your system, you’re going to run into the MSVC100D.dll was not found error. The D at the end means that the wiipair.exe was a developer build, which just means the normal redists won’t have the right .dll files. So download the .dll and put it in C:\Windows\system32 (and scan if you’re cautious) from here: I actually still had trouble after putting it in system32, so I placed it in the same directory as wiipair.exe (my desktop) and it worked.

I’m not entirely sure this wiipair step helped as I went through a couple restarts after pairing, but it appears to have worked, so..

2) Since I wasn’t using a Toshiba computer (and I’m going to assume most aren’t), you’re going to have to add your bluetooth adapter to the Toshiba Bluetooth stack config files, or in laptop users’ cases, the built in bluetooth adapter. During the installation, when you get stuck on the “Please plug in your bluetooth adapter” or similar message, follow this tutorial: I did not have to uninstall any other bluetooth drivers but I imagine you would have to like the tutorial says.

Then, follow these instructions to DL & use the latest Dolphin + Xoppa Dolphin Emulator Follow the instructions to get your TR remote connected up. For me I had to restart from step 2; make sure you’re allowing the device to get connected fully (the add new connection wizard should close), then right click the “Nintendo RVL-CVT-01-TR” connection and say “Connect”. A dialog will appear; press A and press OK, then continue following the steps.

EDIT: After playing around, I’ve notice the Xoppa emulator has some problems with native resolution scaling (can’t play in 1080p) and has lag issues. Fortunately, after connecting my Wiimote through Toshiba stack, the motionplus works with the normal Dolphin emulator, so I believe you can safely skip the Xoppa step.

Happy wii emulating!


12 thoughts on “get the RVL-CNT-01-TR wii remote plus working

  1. Nice tuto. I managed to connect my wiimote motion plus thanks to you.
    Some remarks to help. At first, you don’t need Xoppa emulateur. Regular dolphin is enough (and works better).
    I had difficulties to understand what JayWood explained for the connection. One must connect the wiimote in the Toshiba software at first. Secondly, we must pair the wiimote in Dolphin. To do this, don’t forget to refresh…. That took me 15mns to realize that.
    After, everything works great.

    Thanks again

    • Yeah, I noticed the Xoppa emulator not being as good as the most recent Dolphin. For me, opening the WiiMote menu is enough to get the WiiMote to connect, as long as the 1st wiimote setting is set to “Real WiiMote”. Otherwise yes you have to press refresh.


  2. I also want to vouch for the helpfulness of this tutorial. I managed to connect my 4 brand new TR wiimotes to my Kinivo BTD-300 dongle. I would not have been able to without this guide. I ended up having to edit the .inf file and update with the ID of my dongle before the Toshiba driver was able to detect it. Now it is easy as pie connecting all four through Dolphin. They work perfectly in all the games I have played so far.

    • I have a Kinivo BTD-300 but my computer cant find my wiimote(2in1) as a bluetooth device can you explain me what should i do? i was following this guide but the wiipair could not find my wiimote neither :S

  3. WINDOWS 8 x64 USERS:
    You MUST do this before starting the above process. Microsoft made Driver Signing mandatory, and when you edit the .inf Toshiba file, you remove the signature as a byproduct.

    It took me 5 hours of headache to figure out the solution was as simple as that! I heard M$ enforced driver signing for x64 Windows 7 (and ALL Win8) as well, but i’m not 100% sure. If the Toshiba installer hangs at the “Please connect Bluetooth adapter” prompt and/or doesn’t detect you plugged it in, then chances are that Driver Signing is enforced.

    Also, all the links for the Toshiba Driver Stack links I’ve seen are dead, so here are some working ones as of 2/28/13:
    Version 8 (oct 2010) x64:
    x32/x64 Version 9.1 (Aug 2012) (untested):


  4. The only problem i face with this is that I use a mac and run windows on Parallels off of my USB HDD because i only have 256 GB of space which is flash and you cannot upgrade it. i have the 15 inch retina and i only have two USB 3.0/2.0 ports i use a hub. I did successfully do the steps explained on a forum and it worked perfect because the device IDs were registered of the internal apple Bluetooth that i switched to the virtual machine and had installed it. but i think the issue is that every time i attach the apple USB Bluetooth from the parallels menu it seems to give it a different ID or like the registry of the Hardware changes in the windows VM. I don’t know if there is a way around this but if there is i’d appreciate the help anyone can offer. I also have a broadcom Bluetooth dongle i have yet to try re installing the Toshiba stack and repeating the steps but i will do that and see what happens. And since i use a hub for using other peripherals i am thinking that everytime i boot Win 7 then attach the dongle the device ID might require regenerating because it might change any thoughts on this i would like to hear… Thanks

    • I think I got it to work using my dongle and it seems to identify properly in the VM. but one that i now want to do is see if i can pair the wiimote seamlessly like the wii. it seems possible. Just need to do a little more research….

  5. From what I can gather is that we will never be able to use just the motion plus adapter in dolphin. I have messed around with it a good bit trying to make it work. According to the dolphin devs have no intention of getting the adapter to work?

    Has anyone heard anything different?

  6. everything here works great man! only issue i am still having is that after i shutdown my pc and start it again (i.e. the next day, on the same day) the toshiba bluetooth manager works oddly… it still detects my internal laptop bluetooth dongle, but it stops recognizing the wiimotes if i delete them from the manager… i always get stuck with a “Unable to detect remote device” message … and i don’t know what to do… i tried everything and i even paired the wiimotes at first with wiipair, but with no avail i still get no longer working the toshiba driver to work after shutting down my pc…

    any ideas, anyone who’s also having the same issue?

    thanks for the reply.

  7. thanks lot , wiimote motion plus work great (after 2 days of headache)

  8. FWIW, there is a way to bypass the reinstallation of the BT stack after 30 days. Enter a DWORD with the name TestVersion and the value 0 at HKCU\Software\Toshiba\BluetoothStack\V1.0\Mng in your windows registry.

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