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Settings for Skyward Sword in 1080p

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Skyward Sword’s one of the most critically acclaimed games released on the Wii and also one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The score amazes, especially Zelda’s song early on in the game, but the polished graphics are what really shine – a pleasing blend of realistic detail and artistic style, Skyward Sword’s vibrant, impressionistic style is stunning. And it’s even more so in 1080p, so once I heard the Dolphin Emulator was capable of playing it in HD, I had to try. I’m posting the settings to get it working at a full 30 fps here.

There were just a couple of tweaks I had to make to play this game at full speed in 1080p. In graphicsI set the backend to Direct3D11, although Direct3D9 should work as well. At 1080p, 3x native resolution is more than enough. I ticked Force Texture Filtering because it makes the game look better, and added some Anti-Aliasing, but because the game is already downsampling to play at 3x native res, the AA is not necessary. Under Hacks, I checked the OpenCL Texture Decoder – this made a huge difference for performance for me (the difference between 80% and 100% speed). Some people suggested Enabling Progressive Scan, but that made no difference for me. I’ve also played around with using the OpenMP texture decoder, but it seems to only give a performance boost in certain places while in others FPS takes a major hit.

And the result: mostly 100% up to speed Skyward Sword on my PC! I get 30 FPS most places (dungeons, overworld) and it  dips towards 25 fps when talking to someone for some reason. Good enough for me. My specs:

Lenovo y580
ivy bridge i7 2.3 ghz
nvidia gtx g660m

Happy emulating!


One thought on “Settings for Skyward Sword in 1080p

  1. Thank you for this! It works perfectly smooth now.

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