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Working embedded fonts in AS3

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Embedding a font into AS3 is frustrating and yet another thing I did not find well explained online. You will need to do 3 things:

  1. [Embed] the font file
  2. define the font as a class
  3. register the font

Embed the font from a relative location to your .as file. Since my .as files are in the proj/src folder, I’m using ../art/Intro.otf as the location of my font. You will need to specify embedAsCFF as false, otherwise Flash will give some nasty errors about Flex libraries missing when you export.

Then, in your constructor of your document class, register the font, so that you can use it elsewhere.

After that, you can use the font anywhere in your code. See the code below:

import flash.text.Font;

// font
[Embed(source="../art/Intro.otf", fontName = "Intro", fontFamily="Intro", fontStyle="normal", fontWeight="normal", mimeType="application/x-font", embedAsCFF="false")]

var Intro:Class;

// Constructor
public function myFlash()
    // font setup


// elsewhere
var textf:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
textf.color =           0xFFFFFF;
textf.font =            "Intro";
textf.size =            48;

Enjoy custom fonts!


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