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  1. hi there 🙂 i ran across your blog posts about Linux Mint on a Lenovo y580 and thought to ask you about it as you sound like you know what you are doing. is there possibly any way you might describe in the simplest terms , step by step , how to simply install Mint 13 or 14 on a Lenovo y580 ? the reason i ask is that i think i might have made a huge mistake …i won an auction on ebay for a Lenovo y580 thinking i could simply install Mint on it via an install disc ( to replace my old Lenovo f41 which is running Mint 11 …and which is dying / and on the way out ) , but in reading some / many forum posts / threads , it seems it is next to impossible to install Mint on the Lenovo y580 , and even if one manages to install Mint , many things don’t work or function properly. wondering now if i should seriously consider cancelling this ebay purchase as i just wanted a good newer replacement laptop that would easily install and run Mint. i had planned to simply wipe windows off the y580 , and install Linux Mint via disc, and then simply move all my files over the this new laptop ( i have done this in the past with other laptops ) , any advice & suggestions welcome as i must either move forward , or cancel this purchase right away. i cannot use windows , all my files & data are all in Mint. any help / advice truly appreciated , im in a pickle now 😦 thanks !

    • hi chez,

      I can say for sure you can definitely install Linux Mint 14 on a Lenovo y580 – I currently dual boot Mint 14 and the pre-installed Windows 7. Although I was in the process of making a tutorial for dual booting, it’s not done/may never be, but I can tell you that it’s not impossible. The majority of the laptop’s functionality is intact in Mint 14, with the noticeable exception of RapidDrive technology, which is simple combination of the SSD and the normal harddrive in the y580 as a single virtual drive for the system to see. I have some strange problems with the C: drive reporting the wrong disk usage after dual booting, but seeing as you’re not planning a dual boot I don’t think this will be an issue.

      Do not expect to be able to use the graphics card normally – it is NVIDIA Optimus technology, which is unsupported by Mint (or any Linux distro) as of yet as far as I know. There are a lot of good articles on bumblebee, a program you can use to run applications on the graphics card, or on how to disable the graphics card entirely for less power consumption, the most attractive option IMO.

      My best advice is:

      • Reconsider why you want Mint (This is just my opinion but vanilla Ubuntu is slightly better supported/has a larger community, and just as good)
      • Make an Mint 14 CD or bootable flashdrive
      • Boot from that device, go through the standard install, making sure to wipe the hard drive when asked where to install Mint
      • Google your issues.
      • Trust/use ArchLinux’s wiki first, then Ubuntu’s wiki and forums, then everything else.

      You can generally trust the LiveCDs of Linux distros to do the work right for you, especially with a clean install.
      Sorry I can’t be any more specific than that – for me, the only issues I had had to do with grub2 dual booting, the RapidDrive thing, and optimus. Touchpad scrolling and dual monitors don’t work out the box, but that’s an easy fix (see my other posts).

      Best of luck!

  2. wow , thank you so much for that thoughtful reply , i sincerely appreciate it more than you know. i posted a couple of threads on the Linux Mint Forum for help , perhaps even a step by step guide on how to do the install of Mint 14 on the y580 , but no one responded unfortunately. the difficulty for me is that i have been using Mint as my only OS for the past 6 or 7 years so all of my data is on Mint. so the question for me is not so much why Mint , as why this particular y580 laptop , especially if i will lose some functionality using this laptop , and the install has much involved with a steep learning curve.. my hope initially was to have a much more sophisticated laptop ( the y580 ) to do more video editing making use if the y580’s graphic card , and 1080p HD screen , but if that is not happening with this model laptop ( and there are possibly some other issues to contend with ) , perhaps i should find another more suitable laptop to replace this old Lenovo f41 , possibly find a good more recent laptop that i can more easily install Mint on. all the other laptops that i have installed Mint on in the past were fairly easy , just off the CD. and there were never any big issues that were not easily solved , as i am not so experienced at the more advanced tweaking aspects of Linux , and certainly not an advanced terminal user at all. also , there is perhaps much more finesse needed to do this kind of Mint install on the y580 , and there is no central tutorial that covers all aspects of a simple clean install on the Lenovo y580. frankly i feel awful that i probably have to tell this guy who’s auction i won , that i might not be taking his laptop after all. thanks for all of your very kind advice , my head is still spinning a bit , but i will be reading your last message over and over for a while im sure , until i can grasp it all and probably then will compose and send that awkward email to this ebay seller who happens to be an innocent victim of my asinine mistake 🙂

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